A Community of Care

Submitted by Emma Pilkington on April 2, 2014 - 6:18pm
A community conversation with some of Delburne's seniors

On a crisp Saturday morning, a group of seniors were welcomed to the Delburne and District Drop-In Center to participate in one of Delburne’s last community conversations. The conversation was lead by local high school student and Community Facilitator Emma Pilkington.


To kick off the conversation, Emma had the group discuss some of their more personal stories about a powerful community experience. After sharing many stories, all of the seniors decided that the caring people of Delburne had always made the community special. One man explained how, after the tragic death of his father, the whole village came to pay their respects and support him. Another woman mentioned how her younger neighbors call her at least once a week just to make sure she is doing okay. “I look forward to that phone call each and every week,” she smiled.

Given the senior’s stories, Emma asked: “What are the benefits of community?”

·         People come together in times of need

·         Lifelong friendships are developed

·         Community safety

·         Caring neighbors  

·         Good community facilities 

Emma then asked, “Keeping in mind the positives things of community, what are some of the challenges?”

·         Everyone knows everything about one another

·         Lack of facilities due to surrounding urban centers

·         Hard to get people to come to town and support local events/businesses

·         Citizen’s unwillingness to take charge of organizations

·         Always same people that help out and participate in community events

·         Lack of youth interest in volunteering and community involvement

 “What is the job of a community?”

·         Supporting local businesses

·         Making organizations more interesting/appealing to the public

·         Encouraging youth involvement

·         Making citizens aware of community organizations, volunteering opportunities, etc

 “What do you hope Delburne will be like in ten years?”

·         More businesses and development

·         More jobs

·         An improved and advanced senior care centre

·         More facilities for youth

To finish up the discussion, the seniors created a vision statement for the future of Delburne together.

In ten years, our community will be…

“A vibrant town where people young and old will want to live and support each other.” 

The small group of proud and passionate seniors were delighted to see so much community work and development going on in Delburne. “It’s great to see young people getting involved” shared one of the couple at the conversation. “They are the key to Delburne’s future.”




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Way to go!

So great to see more insights and thoughts from Delburne citizens. Emma- so proud of you for hosting your first community conversation- wahoo!