New Community, Better Planet

Submitted by Emily Bolton on May 29, 2012 - 2:31pm


I recently moved from Ottawa to Guelph to embark on an adventure with my soon to be husband and new career. While Ottawa and Guelph share a passion for community, volunteerism and philanthropy there is a definite difference between them! Having only been in Guelph for two months the strong sense of community participation and engagement is strong and felt through many warm interactions I've experienced including local fundraising support, the City's dedication to environmental sustainability and healthy food innovation! While the local market was much more fun than learning the garbage separating system, both are but a few key indicators of a strong and caring community!


My new position with the University of Guelph includes working on The BetterPlanet Project (a call to action for the university of Guelph community and people around the world to work together to find solutions for a healthy, equitable and sustainable world  In this position I will be working collaboratively with the University community and the City of Guelph residents to identify new opportunities and celebrate achievements that are making our planet a better one! 


Moving to a new city with few connections, learning the dynamics of a new (to me!) community and developing an engagement strategy that further connects individuals to the University sounds truly daunting! But I choose to look at it as a fulfilling opportunity to experience a new community, develop exciting partnerships and meet new friends with the greater goal to engage the community and deepen my own connection.


I look forward to my new path and for opportunities where I can learn from others through collective collaboration shared through Seeking's idea sharing, connections and professional development!

Thanks for the warm welcome Guelph!