Neighbourhood Resource Sharing Made easy

Submitted by Eli Winterfeld on February 11, 2013 - 11:59am


Something I have become increasingly interested in is resource sharing on a neighbourhood level.  I will not attempt to discuss all aspects of it now because there is a lot to be discussed and I don’t want this to be a one-time post on the topic.  I simply want to get some dialogue moving around the topic.  I know many people are interested in the topic but I haven’t seen that much dialogue around it on this site.

I believe that developing personal vulnerability plays a key role in building and strengthening community and deepening relationships. I am a strong proponent of creating space that encourages vulnerability. However, there are many barriers to vulnerability and an embrace of interdependence as our society sees them as weaknesses. 

Vulnerability can be divided roughly into two categories: emotional and material.

Material vulnerability may be easier for some of us than emotional vulnerability and so sharing things with your neighbours may be a great way to ease into allowing yourself to be vulnerable and supporting others in doing the same.

Sharing with your neighbours builds community, saves you money and reduces environmental impact. 


I recently stumbled across a really great online community called Street Bank.  This website facilitates the sharing of goods and skills with people who live close together.  It is a great concept and is very user-friendly.  The main drawback is that it requires many neighbours to participate in the same area.

I think it could be really neat if we used existing networks (neighbourhood associations, churches, community centres, groups of friends etc…) to get a bunch of people to join simultaneously.  This would build a lot of energy around the idea and be very practical as these people are already connected in some way.

Please check out the website and join if neighbourly resource sharing is something you might be interested in and want help in facilitating the process.



I joined!


Thanks for sharing this. I had heard of Street Bank, but hadn't explored it. I found it super quick, fun and easy to join. My immediate thought was: we don't have neat powertools, etc... we don't have anything to offer. But when I saw what others had put, I realized we actually do have so many things we can share... and share gladly!

I am hoping others will join too so there will be more folks in my neighborhood to connect with!

Me too!

I also joined - this site is really cool, and super use-friendly! I love how it automatically generates pictures of the thing you're lending/looking for. Thanks for the post, Eli! 

How cool!

What a neat database for resource sharing! I'm definitely going to spend some time exploring this site.