The Beginning of an Adventure in Learning

Submitted by Eli Winterfeld on September 19, 2012 - 4:30pm

Greetings all!  This blog is a scene setter for my next few blogs.  Tamarack has graciously provided me the opportunity to attend a conference in Occidental California called the Art of Community.  This annual conference is put on by the Fellowship for Intentional Community which does all sorts of great things regarding community and intentional community.

            I will be volunteering for two short stints (workshop assistant and childcare) of the conference which should be a fun and different way to participate.  Though I was originally excited for the conference, now it is hitting even closer to home as, very recently, some friends and I have decided to start our own community house/community initiative in Kitchener.  This will be a whole other blog (or blog series) but I just wanted to mention what a great and timely learning experience this will be.

            I don’t want to waste too many words now as I have not yet actually experienced what will be worth describing in more detail later.  If you want to know more about the conference you can see a general overview here:

And a detailed schedule here:

Anyways, I will try my darndest to write a bit every day of the conference about my experiences.  My next segment should appear Friday night or Saturday morning.