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Submitted by EileenWatson on November 6, 2012 - 2:08pm


What does community mean to you?

To me, community means having an attachment to, and a support system within a certain area, which could be a physical place (city, a school a workplace), or a more abstract connection, like a network of friends.

What is a memorable experience of community that you have had and what made it so memorable?

When I was a child growing up in a small town, all my neighbours (literally beside, in front, in back, and on the corner of the block) looked out for us, bought us Christmas and birthday presents, and most importantly played with us and listened to us like they felt we were the most important people in the world. There isn’t one aspect that particularly stands out, more so a constancy of people who cared deeply about my well being.

What are the challenges you see in your community?

In my community I see a dichotomy between students and families; there are misunderstandings that escalate into feuds, and just generally poor communication between all parties. 

What are the opportunities that you see in your community?

 Every time I see someone outside is an opportunity to connect with another human being, through a smile, a wave, or even conversation. Within the University community there are so many opportunities, coming from established community groups, to engage with other people, learn from them and develop new skills together. 

What are some things you have done in your life to build community?

I have participated in University activities such as Trick or Eat and Project Serve. Sometimes community members don’t see bigger gestures though, so I just try and keep a pleasant temperament and go out of my way to greet people in the neighbourhood.

What are some ideas, hopes, dreams and goals that you have for building community moving forward?

Honestly, I don’t think that community building, in the geographical sense, will be of importance to me in the next few years. I see myself as being very transient as I try to establish a career. I do hope to facilitate deeper connections among my social networks among my friends as we spread across the globe.


Can we create community in transient life?

Hi Eileen,

Thanks so much for posting your thoughts. With more students posting their ideas about community in the past couple days (check out Jenny's blog), this seems to be the problem: putting community-building/engagement on hold until moving into a more permanant location/lifestyle.

Do you think there is value in students trying to engage with their community? Or, should they just wait until they are done their schooling?