Why is East Zora Mennonite Church community important?

Submitted by East Zora Menno... on April 21, 2013 - 2:41pm
A community conversation with a church outside of kitchener

This year East Zora Mennonite Church (EZ) participated in Tamarack’s 1000 Conversations campaign as part of our annual meeting.  Over a hundred people participated in eight separate groups as we discussed our community and why it matters to us.  The follow is a selection of some of the ideas that came from this discussion.

Why is East Zora Community important to us?

EZ is important because we feel welcome there and we know people mean it.  It is not a superficial place like some communities that exist today.

One of the things that makes EZ unique is it functions like a giant family.  Everyone looks out for each other.  When I leave for a couple weeks, people notice that I am away and welcome me when I return.

EZ is not a perfect community but there is no other place I’d rather be.  It is a great place to raise a family.

I know that people are there to help me.  Each of us is happy to share what we have with each other.

It is a safe place for me to try out my talents and know that I will be supported.  This has helped me grow and learn.

I have always found EZ to be a very accepting place, open minded to people no matter where they are at in their life and faith.

I think we do a great job of be conscious and aware of visitors and of welcoming them into the community.  We do this through smiles and handshakes.  We also encourage people of all ages to become involved in worship activities.

EZ is where I grew up; it is where my parents and grandparents grew up.  It’s my family, my home.  My roots are here and it nurtures me as a person, allowing me to grow and flourish.

EZ is central to my life.  It serves as a home base that I can come back to and become re-energized and re-invigorated every week before going out into the world.

Everyone looks out for each other here.  We care for everyone and want them to be happy.  We also recognize life has its bumps and are there to support each other through this.

During times of crisis, this community has been there for me and my family.  It is really special knowing you have a group of people who are there for you when life is at its worst.

EZ is my social life.  It’s a group of people I can laugh and play with.

I have found that I get more out of the EZ community when I get involved in worship or Sunday school.

I love EZ because it provides a place for me to connect with a similar group of people who are also wrestling with our faith and together we develop our faith.  Being around these like-minded people I find very supportive.

I like EZ because people take an interest in my life and I am equally interested in theirs.  We are a big family.

EZ is a safe place for people to express different opinions and know that they will not be judged for that.

It is a community that makes me happy.  No matter how sad I feel when I come to church, I always leave with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

I look forward to meeting people, seeing familiar faces, enjoying our wonderful worship services (all aspects of our church life, family, education).

I enjoy the commonality of church here, a sense of belonging, moving together to God’s kingdom.

EZ is gathering point at the centre of our lives.  I feel really welcome here.

EZ is important to me because of the fellowship it provides.  We are born with desire to mingle with other people.