Why Change the World?

Submitted by Derek Alton on December 22, 2011 - 12:21am
What are your first 5 answers?

Why Change the world?

What are the first 5 answers you came up with?


I have been given the opportunity to speak at TedxGuelphU this year which I am really excited about.  I am speaking about a project a group of us are working on which I will talk about at a later date.  The theme for this talk is: Why change the world.

So (as a bit of field research for this talk) I want to ask all of you this.

Why Change the world?

There is an excersie you can do where you ask yourself the same question again and again, each time coming up with a different answer.  The idea behind it is that each time you answer you have to dig deeper into yourself to come up with an answer that you haven't thought of before.  Ideally you do this with someone else and you ask yourself the question for five minutes.  But for the purpose of this just ask yourself the question 5 times and come up with 5 different answers.

I will put up what I came up with in a week or so from now.

my reasons

1. For LOVE

2. For spark

3. For the children

4. For fun

5. For hope

My 5

1. For my children
2. For me
3. For peace
4. For hope
5. For doing what I am called to do.