Networks vs. Community

Submitted by Derek Alton on September 16, 2014 - 4:50am
The dilemma of the modern age

An article from one of my favorite blogs, here the author examines the difference between networks and community.  This can also be framed as breadth vs depth of community.  The article also has some conclusions on how to deepen your experience of community that resonate with insights from Tamarack's recently completed 1000 Conversations Campaign.

I strongly recommend reading this article.

Communities Vs. Networks: To Which do you Belong?


Communities vs Networks

Thank you for this, Derek.  In my experience of my school community, I have observed changes as it has grown over the years:  maintaining connections, deepening relationships and inspiring collaborative effort seems to take more conscious effort. This post is a helpful reminder that we're wired for smaller group experiences, so a larger, and wonderfully growing community could benefit by facilitating smaller group interactions.