Communities to Change the World Part. 1

Submitted by Derek Alton on February 17, 2012 - 1:19am


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does”

~Margaret Mead

In the last month, this quote has taken a far more powerful meaning for me.  THis pas weekend, I was given the great honour of being one of the speakers at TedxGuelphU.  To amazing things came out of this weekend.

1. I got to share the We Change the World initiaitive and launch the website (Part 1)

2. There was the coming together of common minds from previously seperated communities (Part 2)

Firstly I got to talk about an initiative that myself and a small community of passionate and committed freinds called "we change the world."  

The premise behind the idea is simple.  There are lots of things in the world that we should change (hunger, poverty, environmental degradation) and things we could make better (happiness, community, health, sustainability and equality).  People want to make the world better but there are three barriers that get in the way (and likely more)

-The problems seem so big and we feel so small

-We are simply too busy

-We do not talk about changing the world

Based on this we came up with the following solution:

Lets take changing the world from being big and overwhelming and make it small.  Things that any of us regular people can do.  Lets take it from being a huge time consuming action and instead make it about the daily choices we make.  Most importantly, lets create a space for people to talk about chanign the world, share idea's, support eachother and find others who are exploring the same idea's.

From this we came up with the We Change the World initiative.  We ask people to create short one minute video's about something small they are doing in their lives that is helping change the world.  Some examples are:

-giving free hugs to people

-inviting a person over for tea

-growing a tomato plant

-buying a nonperishable food item for the foodbank whenever you go groccery shopping

These video's are then posted on the website (  Here others can see what you are doing and learn from it.  Each video has a page where people can share information and idea's about the specific action.  the goal is to create a community (or rather many communities) where people connect, share idea's and support eachother towards changing the world.

This idea only really started a month or two ago and already it is growing and expanding.  Who knows where it will go.  And as people who are part of my community, I invite you to go to the website, learn and then create your own video and bring your own idea's, then invite freinds.

It is through small communities of thoughtful and committed people conciously doing small things in their daily lives, that real change happens.

....Part 2 coming soon...