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Mastering Social Change

A question that has captivated me recently is: how do you bring a mastery mindset to social change work? Maybe the answer lies in looking to Canada's favourite pass time...

Entering the paradox of community

Derek Alton
In the last section of this series on deepeing community I outlined a definition for what deepening community means to me. This next section will look at the major paradox that underpins our experience of deep community.

The Rise of Social Innovation in Canada

Derek Alton
... there has been a clear growth of Social Innovation as a distinct movement for social transformation in Canada within the last two decades. The purpose of this article is to take a quick journey through the growth of this movement within the Canadian context.

Deep Community, a driver for social movements

Movements are built on two types of community but often we forget one...

Connecting the dots

My core personal question is how do we foster social transformation in Canada.

Three Common Missteps in Community Building

We need to stop pushing people to build more community in their neighbourhoods and instead work with them to strengthen the communities they already have.

What I mean by Deep Community

In exploring my personal understanding of deep community, I realized that I used to have a profound experience of connection in the past but with time this experience had become shallower. My supervisor encouraged me to unpack this experience.

Seeing the trees through the forest

Paul Born asked me to explain the connection between deep friendship and deep community, so I put forth the following metaphor to show the link as I see it.

Towards a Definition of Community

Community has been a topic of great interest and research for many years. There is a story of a scholar who set out to track all the academic articles written on feelings of disconnect and loneliness, which is one aspect of research on community, only to give up after three months due to the overwhelming mass collected (Glynn, 1981).

Spirituality and Social Change

So what is at the heart of this group of people, that drives us, sustains us, inspires us and defines us? Maybe it is the one thing that we seem to struggle to talk about with each other. That thing we all do without really realizing it whether it be at work or when we are alone in our bedroom.