Beautifully Woven Community "Tapestries"

Submitted by Debbie Dover on May 30, 2012 - 7:35am
Community Groups Provide a Diversity of Threads

Close your eyes and picture a brightly woven tapestry.  See the rainbow of colours, some bright, others muted; the various textures of the threads ranging from small and silky to CHUNKY and soft.  They all interweave and, despite (or perhaps because of) the wide variety they complement each other. That is what I visualize when I look at my community. The colours and textures represent the myriad of activities that serve and enhance the lives of the diverse group of residents. The Ministry of Education’s ‘Community Use of Schools’ Program has allowed me to see many beautiful and artistic creations in each of our school communities.  From multicultural programs, sports, arts, and homework help, to neighbourhood socials that support and build community, we work together to build happier and healthier places to live. The ‘tapestries’ that are created in specific school neighbourhoods are particularly meaningful to them and, when added to a larger regional piece, a true and powerful work of art is created that impacts us all.  

The loom is always set up; ready for another thread.  In my communication with school Principals, Neighbourhood Associations, Community Service Agencies and not for profit groups I learn what their communities are looking for and the threads are found and added, one at a time. I encourage you to add a thread to your community!


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