Creating a More Inclusive and Positive Online Community

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Earlier this week, I was browsing through the Globe and Mail and stumbled upon this interesting article by Amira Elgawaby. After reading, I took a moment to think about the impact that technology has had on the concept of community. 

Technology is changing the way we view the world and how we connect to each other. Today, people can connect with others from anywhere in the world from the palm of their hand. There are so many different platforms that people can choose to communicate with each other. Social media is increasingly the most popular way to communicate. For example, in each month, there are 1.86 billion active users on Facebook.

With the ability to communicate with anyone in the world in almost an instant, the concept of a community is going more digital. Technology is breaking down the barriers of distance and geography. Individuals with shared interests and beliefs can connect with one another to share and support each other. Communities are being created online to help foster relationships across the globe.

Unfortunately, the online community and the people in it are not always friendly. On almost any social media, there will be hurtful and xenophobic comments. On the frontline of this this negativity and misanthropy is HASSHILFT, or DONATE THE HATE. This German involuntary charity makes a 1 euro donation to refugee projects such as Aktion Deutschland Hilf and EXIT-Deutschland for every misanthropic comment reported to the Charity. DONATE THE HATE has already donated over €35,000 and is trying to expand into more countries.

I think this is an incredible initiative that is helping encourage an online community that is inclusive and respects human dignity. 

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