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Somethings Strange, In Your Neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call?

The idea is that if the community collaboratively surveillances the area, monitoring for suspicious or criminal activity, then crime rates in the area will fall.

There is More to Walking than Two Feet and a Heartbeat

Walkability is a crucial component to sustainable design that measures how friendly a community, neighbourhood or city is to walking

Reflection of My Time Here

It’s been a little over two months since I’ve started my position at the Tamarack Institute and I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learned, specifically the work our Deepening Communities branch does.

Green is Our Bodies Favourite Colour

This article was an eye opener for myself. I knew the environment effected our health and I knew green space was good for you, but I never thought about the impact of urbanization is having on both.

Happiness - A State of Mind or Part of a Bigger Social Spectrum?

A question that comes up from time to time is “What is your goal in life?”.

Dinner is Ready - The Importance of Eating as a Family

How we eat our food is changing along with the culture surrounding it. Since everyone in the world is busy and always moving, we don’t always have time to sit down and eat. It’s more convenient to grab a bite on the go and get back to our busy work life.

Strategic Planning for Change

The concept of planning is a relatively new idea to me. The only planning I had been exposed to was planning birthday parties or small scale events in high school. It wasn’t until I took a Planning and Evaluation course in the beginning of my third year, I had grasped what planning was.

Combating Stigma through Art and Community

“These young artists are painfully aware of the colour, class and status lines that divide St. James Town and their lives from the rest of Toronto, and the art that is born here is political and necessary, if only by virtue of its place of birth.”

Creating a More Inclusive and Positive Online Community

Earlier this week, I was browsing through the Globe and Mail and stumbled upon this interesting article by Amira Elgawaby. After reading, I took a moment to think about the impact that technology has had on the concept of community.