Jeremy Rifkin - Empathic Civilization

Submitted by News Buff on February 7, 2013 - 3:15pm
We are wired for empathy

Recently highly aclaimed academic Jeremy Rifkin released his latest work entitled "The Empathic Civilization," it goes into detial about the evolution of empathy within humanity and its implications for today.  In it he challenges the main stream assumption that we as humans are primarily selfish, and says that we are wired for community.


At 600 pages it is a heavy read but well worth it.  Below is a link to a short 10 minute video where he summarizes some of his thoughts:

Here is an excerpt from the book that was posted in the Huffington Post:


Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, Derek!

This book really embodies much of what we talk about/ focus on here at Tamarack and especially in this campaign: Seeking Community.

Would love to hear the reflections of others once they have read this :)