Youth Win UN Award for Deepening Community Music Video

Submitted by Community Animator on December 4, 2014 - 7:36am

Two first-year students at Conrad Grebel University College are hopping on a plane today and heading to New York City to receive a United Nations award at the Plural + Youth Video Festival.  Inspired by Paul Born’s book, Deepening Community, his son Michael Born and friend Matthew Steinman wrote a rap that focuses on social inclusion, diversity, and being kind to your neighbours. 

Exploring what brings people together and tears communities apart, their insightful lyrics discusses a wide spectrum of themes from war, violence, and fear to finding opportunities for ongoing connection, and forming relationships through acceptance, peace, compassion, and respect.

Furthering their creative endeavour, they teamed up with friend William Snyder, Video and Media Animator of Tamarack: Institute for Community Engagement, to direct a music video featuring the rap.  Filmed in Victoria Park, Waterloo, Ontario- home to these four young men- the images highlight the polarity expressed in the lyrics with shots of vibrant natural environments and neglected urban spaces, followed by people of various ages and races coming together around food, play, conversation, and song.

The harmonious chorus, sung by the talented Nathan Martin, is both haunting and optimistic, and resonates throughout the song with the pinnacle message of being reapeated: “We need to tell the story and enjoy our lives together to hinder the storm in colder weather. Caring for everyone in your life.  Working towards the end goal.  Making the world a better place for every soul.”

Their story was captured in the Waterloo Record on November 27, 2014.

The Tamarack Team wishes them a hearty congratulations and safe travels to New York City!