What is London's favourite little gem?

Submitted by Community Animator on August 2, 2013 - 10:37am
Exploring neighbourhoods in London, ON

There has been a lot of blogs on this site in the last number of months exploring the concepts of scarcity and abundance. Peter Block uses this language a lot, as do many other people of influence in the community field. Scarcity says: what is missing? What is not working? What do we need more of? Abundance says: what is here? What is working? How can we do more of it?

The gathering we held in June, Neighbours: Policies and Programs, sought to examine two main things- how do we organize to realize our neighbourhoods as assets? and what are the outcomes and benefits of doing this?

This project taking place in London, "Favourite little gems," absolutely comes from a place of abundance in recognizing the assets that exist in various neighbourhoods- it's brilliant!

You can go to their main site and watch the 1-minute video on their home page to understand more about what they're doing. It's very simple:

  • Step 1: Click the "Find Your Neighbourhood" link above the video. Select the district that contains your neighbourhood on the map or in the list below.
  • Step 2: If you can't find your neighbourhood, this means it hasn't been created yet. You can create it by clicking Create.
  • Step 3: Mark a Little Gem by going to View London’s Little Gems and click Mark a Little Gem.

People can "like" the gems that are posted and in the end, the gem with the most likes will win $5,000 towards a neighbourhood enhancement program.

Isn't this neat?

What could this look like if more cities began to recognize their own "gems"??

Do you think this campaign (using the site and recognizing assets in this way- an online forum) could work for lots of cities? Why/ why not?

We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what emerges with this project!

Every neighbourhood should have this

Man every neighbourhood should have this, its a great way to celebrate a neighbourhoods special gifts and everyone has a fond memory or experience with their special spot in their neighbourhood.  I wonder if i could bring this to Guelph...

I think it is something that needs to be driven locally in each community.  But then it could be connected into a larger site for tourism.  So many possibilities :)