#lovemyhood stories

Submitted by Community Animator on February 17, 2016 - 5:44am

"I've lived in Edgewater Estates since 2009. I love the location. We're right in the middle, close to Cambridge and Waterloo. I love that we have the Lackner Woods Plaza right nearby. It has a convenience store, a pizzeria, a bank and a dentist that we go to. We live close to parks which are great for the kids and they're building a new school right across the street, which we're very excited about." - Tina #lovemyhood

Have you been following along with our #lovemyhood stories? We've had some amazing people from all across the city share what makes their neighbourhood unique. Check out the facebook album to view these great examples of neighbourhood pride. The stories will run for several more weeks yet so be sure to follow City of Kitchener on facebook.

Huge thanks to volunteers Laura McBride and Cailyn Scott for the amazing photography!

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