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Michael Jones Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Michael Jones is a leadership educator, dialogue facilitator, writer, and pianist/composer who participated in Tamarack's Communities: Programs and Policies event in Kitchener, Ontario on 23-26 June, 2014.

Vickie Cammack Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Vickie Cammack addressing isolation through intentional networks and the use of technology to connect people with caregivers.

Inspiring Neighbourhoods

A list of 5 community movements that are inspiring our Deepening Community Animator. What is inspiring you?

Welcome to Deepening Community

Imagine: city planners designing neighbourhoods to increase social capital; elderly people staying in their neighbourhoods for another 5 years; mental health rates declining because neighbours are caring for each other and creating a greater sense of connection and belonging together.

Working Together and Setting up for Success

Watch this insightful "Unstoppable Conversation" by Vik Maraj who talks about the future of farming and recommends ways of thinking that will help set up our young farmers for success.

Sustainable Community Development: from what's wrong to what's strong

How can we help people to live a good life? Instead of trying to right what's wrong within a community Cormac argues we need to start with what's strong. We need to help people discover what gifts they have and to use those gifts to enrich those around them.

Neighbourhood Strategy: Redefining your Neighbourhood

What does the word neighbourhood mean to you? Does it run parallel with porch parties, gathering at the park or on your front porch, great possibilities, or deliberately engaging with others to develop a more vibrant healthy community?

Darwin: Re-examined

Taking care of one another and looking out for one another has been an evolutionary prerequisite. It is why we have survived.

Empowerment for health as simple as ABCD

The people and communities who need to become empowered are those who lack control over their lives and their health. But working together, they can take on big issues and create social, political, environmental and economic changes in their communities that lead to improved health and human development.

Enhancing Social Connectedness for Healthier Communities

In their latest publication, Planh provides some great resources ideas for what local governments can do to increase social connectedness in communities. They also hosted an informative webinar featuring Milton Friesen, Louise Roberts and Stacy Barter and provided a number of valuable resources.