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Michael Jones Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Michael Jones is a leadership educator, dialogue facilitator, writer, and pianist/composer who participated in Tamarack's Communities: Programs and Policies event in Kitchener, Ontario on 23-26 June, 2014.

Vickie Cammack Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Vickie Cammack addressing isolation through intentional networks and the use of technology to connect people with caregivers.

Inspiring Neighbourhoods

A list of 5 community movements that are inspiring our Deepening Community Animator. What is inspiring you?

Welcome to Deepening Community

Imagine: city planners designing neighbourhoods to increase social capital; elderly people staying in their neighbourhoods for another 5 years; mental health rates declining because neighbours are caring for each other and creating a greater sense of connection and belonging together.

Montréal's Centre Sud Nourishing Neighbourhood Webinar

Explore Centre-sud, a central-Montreal working class neighbourhood, and be guided through its strategy for collectively addressing food security issues through a unique combination of creative and logical solutions

The Dilemma of Meetings

The meeting issue at the local level is often a problem because they rarely keep a significant number of people involved.

The Affinity Dilemma

The essence of most associational groups is that they are composed of a group of people who care about each other and/or the same thing. By its very nature, this affinity creates outsiders.

The Problem with Problems

At a recent Kettering meeting with City Managers, I was struck by how universally the focus of relationships with community was “problems.”

4 Tool Kits To Help Get Your Neighbourhood Strategy Started

Are you looking to get your neighbourhood more engaged with each other?

A Community for All: The Art of Belonging

What becomes apparent is that this concept of belonging is integral to our community. We seek it, study it, look to increase it, and finally, we are eager to celebrate it.