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Michael Jones Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Michael Jones is a leadership educator, dialogue facilitator, writer, and pianist/composer who participated in Tamarack's Communities: Programs and Policies event in Kitchener, Ontario on 23-26 June, 2014.

Vickie Cammack Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

Vickie Cammack addressing isolation through intentional networks and the use of technology to connect people with caregivers.

Inspiring Neighbourhoods

A list of 5 community movements that are inspiring our Deepening Community Animator. What is inspiring you?

Welcome to Deepening Community

Imagine: city planners designing neighbourhoods to increase social capital; elderly people staying in their neighbourhoods for another 5 years; mental health rates declining because neighbours are caring for each other and creating a greater sense of connection and belonging together.

Neighbourhood Strategy built by Neighbours, for Neighbours

Kitchener gets feedback for the creation of an incredible neighbourhood strategy!

Caring is Life: Key Note Address by Vickie Cammack & Al Etmanski

A moving keynote address that holds the importance of care at the centre. Al and Vickie discuss communal gardening and other acts of goodness in their hometown of Surrey, BC as examples of a positive movement.

Deepening Community Changed my Life

Emanuel Jackson attended the Deepening Communities gathering in Edmonton and it changed his life.

A Neighborhood’s Inner Strength

This is an excerpt of the first of a three article series published in the Opinion Pages of the New York Times, republished here with the author, David Bornstein's permission.

Floating Urban Farms

Urban farms have the potential to help cities become more resilient, happier, and healthier in general. Cities around the world are getting creative with their urban spaces and innovating greener solutions.

Working Together and Setting up for Success

Watch this insightful "Unstoppable Conversation" by Vik Maraj who talks about the future of farming and recommends ways of thinking that will help set up our young farmers for success.