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Resilience 2013... That's A Wrap!

Well, our third annual Resilience Community Festival enters the history books. It ROCKED... and here's why.

Guelph Resilience 2013 Community Festival

How do you build a strong community? By building resilience. How do you build resilience? By building a strong community! And that's what the Guelph Resilience Festival is all about...

Social Momentum and the Paradigm Shift, or, “He… dammit, I mean SHE..."

It's quite a trick to change our fundamental beliefs and assumptions, to make that crucial "paradigm shift". But hey, if my friends can do it, so can we all...

The "Victory Garden Syndrome" vs. The "Challenger Syndrome"

When the SHTF*, will we have enough sustainable infrastructure in place to make a difference? I don't know, but I do suspect that "enough to make a difference" may be far less than we think. Then again... The lynchpin: When the S does HTF, do we get to work, or do we look for someone to blame? (*SHTF = "shit hits the fan")

Tipping Points

At what point does a change turn from an imperceptible ripple to a tidal wave? Experience has shown that this can happen really quickly. The key is to identify the tipping point.

Threatened by Hope

Why are so many people obsessively pessimistic about the future? Or, more to the point, why are they so damn determined to spread their pessimism? Are these people somehow threatened by the hope they see in others? As Vandana Shiva says, "The uncertainty of our time is no reason to be certain about hopelessness."