A picture of community in two Kitchener neighbourhoods

Submitted by CC SP Community... on July 22, 2013 - 9:43pm
a community conversation with a group of community building staff

Below is a wordle based on a community conversation held by the staff of the Centreville Chicopee and Stanley Park Community Centres.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this wordle that evolved from your conversation!

I see the words different, difference, diversity, etc appearing a lot- what does your community look like? Is it a place of diversity? Is the diversity embraced?

I also saw lots of active words- making, working, attending, interact, etc- what sorts of things are happening in your community?

What surprised you

This is a beautiful picture.  What surpised you the most about your conversations?  What surprises you the most when you look at this wordle.

I know one thing that has stood out for me are all the active words: working, together, make, involved.  Your community must be very active.  I had a conversation today where people talked about how it is through working and living together that community is truly forged.

Thank you for sharing this with us.