Avatar®: A Global Perspective

Submitted by briepawlak on July 8, 2014 - 7:15pm
A Modest Plan for World Peace

As I sit here at the Avatar course this week listening to all the countries in attendance (over 40 in total) I realize just how lucky I am to be a part of this and how grateful I am that there is a place in the world where so many countries are coming together to contribute to the awakening of the world as a collective.  Together we are a mismash of different people - genders, ages, launguages, ethnicities, sizes, education, etc.  It doesn't seem to matter where we come from or what we do outside of the classroom.  Inside the classroom we are one - humanity, each being a piece of the whole.

Over the nine days of the course students explore their own consciousness.  Avatar Masters gently and lovingly guide the students inward to their own unique life lessons.  It's beautiful to witness each person have their own journey through the course, ups and downs, laughter and tears, all can be present and it is okay.  Here there is no judgement and the definitions fall away.  People meet being to being and heart to heart, one in a common goal to help change the world to more compassionate and cooperative ways of being.  To help shift society in the direction of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization®.

It is beautiful to feel the connection deepen with each passing day as the group grows closer and closer together.  I am so grateful to be an Avatar Master, to have the privledge to support others to awaken to a much bigger awareness of who they are and their purpose here on the planet at this time.  The time to change is now. Everything is unfolding right here, right now.  Together we can change the world and make it a more peaceful, loving and compassionate place.

For more information on the Avatar course or to register (you can still come to the July 5-13th course) email briepawlak@gmail.com or call 647-470-3608. 

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How did it go??

Hi Brie,

Thanks so much for sharing about your experience! Sounds like an amzing opportunity for connection and learning.

Can you share on what took place during this training? Would love to hear some of the key learnings and powerful insights that emerged!

Follow-up and Insights from the Avatar Course

Hi Rachel,

The course unfolded beautifully in each moment, a dance of so many from different walks of life contributing together their gifts and talents for the good of all.  Each person has their own unique experience and insights.  For me personally the theme was around gratitude and being so amazed at each person, each idea we have, each thing we create and how we can change things almost instantaneously when we decide to choose something different.

The Avatar course takes place in three sections with the first section being more about self-discovery, the second section exploring tools to create our lives deliberately and the third section exploring how we can identify and eliminate persistent conditions and patterns in our lives to create more room for what we want in our lives.

The mission of Avatar is to help create a better world collaboratively.  You can find out more about the Avatar Course at http://theavatarcourse.com

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