Active Neighbourhoods

Submitted by Brianna Salmon on May 4, 2015 - 10:35am
Peterborough, Ontario

The Active Neighbourhoods Canada (ANC) Peterborough project is being undertaken in the Stewart Street neighbourhood, which is an area just south of the downtown core. The ANC project seeks to support area residents in developing the tools and language necessary to reimagine their neighbourhood and advocate for the change and development they would like to see. 

The ANC process is being undertaken in Peterborough as part of a larger, national project to expand the Active, Healthy and Green Neighbourhood planning approach, which was successfully undertaken in a number of Montréal boroughs over the past seven years. The national project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and is led by the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre. The project will include four pilot projects in each of Ontario, Alberta, and Québec, with the Ontario projects being managed by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. The Peterborough project is the second pilot project to take place in Ontario, and the first to occur outside the Greater Toronto Area.

The ANC Peterborough project has developed a theory of change that includes a critical pathway and three logic models (one for each of the primary outcome pathways identified in the critical pathway). The theory of change is based on the project’s planned activities, desired outcomes, and the set of primary assumptions. This pathway and models were developed collectively by the local project coordination committee and by Nancy Pole, who supported the development of the project evaluation plan.

The logic models, which are nested within the critical pathway framework, establish more detailed linkages between project activities, project outputs, and intermediate outcomes. 

The local project coordinating committee is excited to share this document with the Seeking Community group, and we look forward to building dialogue around this project!

Click here to view the project Theory of Change.

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