Celebrating Community

Submitted by AMahon on May 31, 2012 - 4:04am
Aguas Azul

The Community Round Table is working to build community pride and engage citizens.  We decided to try a pop up or surprise event.  We invited citizens to come to Aguas Azul - Celebrate Sarnia.  The only details provided were the logistics of the event.  We wanted to try something different to engage people.  We held the event in a tent by the waterfront.  At the event, we announced that we were trying a pop up event and that the surprise was celebrating our beautiful surroundings and the people of the community.  Paul Born was our guest.  We started by inviting the children to the front of the tent, then Paul read Stone Soup to them. We then had 4 different citizens share their story or perspective on community - the stories reflected intergenerational, varying aspects of community, community is what you make it, and youth.  Paul then invited people to introduce themselves and to share their memories or first impressions of community.

I think the turnout was pretty good.  We indicated that this was the start of our community conversations.  We also announced that we are going to be encouraging citizens to hold a neighbourhood or community BBQ in August, and we will be making a community video to promote it.





It was wonderful and you did a great job. Huge thanks for the joy