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Building community through spending time together

Submitted by Aldershot Community on October 22, 2013 - 10:07am
4 community conversation with 4 different community groups in Aldershot

Community is really important to us in Aldershot so when we were asked to have conversations about community as part of Tamarack's 1000 Conversations to Shape our Future camapign we jumped at the opportuniy. 


 1)  What does community mean to you?

 2) What is the experience of community in this group?


 SENIORS EXERCISE GROUP @ ACTIVE ALDERSHOT- This seniors group meets twice a week for an hour for exercise given by a 50 something male instructor with a United Way Grant at Active Aldershot which is a Judo Club.

1) They said that "community" means coming together, having companionship and making new friends. There is a sense of well being when being part of a group in this community. It it nice to not have to travel far as this group meets in our community. Members feel like they belong to something coming out twice a week. They are grateful for this exercise program being available and the folks who devote their time doing it. 

2) They all go for coffee afterwards as a group at another place, which is making them happy to be spending time with others.  Through spending time together, they have learned to look out for their "new" friends each week and they feel like they are really getting to know their neighbours through this program. They are happy for this opportunity to have exercise and time with friends for free.


WARWICK-SURREY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION -This group meets once a month to discuss things going on in their community.  Renters, homeowners, agencies, City Councilor, Elementary Principal are included.

 1) This community is where I can feel at home.  Our community is a neighbourhood of people who understand they live in a specific geographical area.  Community to me is a state of change, growth and ageing.  A community is a place where gaps and ways to fill these gaps can be identified. Community means helping others.  Keep a hold of our identity as a neighbourhood with growth and change.  Heritage, history and a unique neighbourhood means community to me. 

 2) Making a difference through the Warwick-Surrey Community Association to make sure we are heard as a community.  Getting people who live next door to become neighbours!  Being a community partner in Burlington to let everyone know we are a strong community.  Making goals about the "needs" in our community and making it happen.  Supportive change through our collaborations with agencies, city, school board and neighbourhood.  Passionate about their success and celebrate when that happens.  We share as a group common aims and interests and work together for community betterment.

ALDERSHOT LIONS CLUB- Only a small group of dedicated folks who raise money for their organization in the Aldershot community.

1)  The community of Aldershot is a wonderful part of the city of Burlington.  The community of Aldershot means home.  Community means a place where a various people, groups, share a sense of pride for this area.  Community means coming together to help those in need. Community means to improve both the physical and social areas of concern. I lived in many places but this community I have been in for 15 years and finally feel like home.   All the initiatives we have make our community. 

2)  The experience of community to this group means like- minded folks get together for social interaction, support and caring.  We support and provide service to the community through fund raising and distribution of funds through out the community.  We have embraced this community but feel without much success.  As a club we care for the people and places in Aldershot and will give our time and effort when called upon. Our hope is to make  Aldershot a better place for families, business and services like the Fire Department.


PARTNERING ALDERSHOT -  Is a place where all the "groups" in Aldershot come together once a month to review things going on in their community.

 1)  Community means neighbourhood and family.  It is caring people coming together to make sure everyone feels welcome.  Strength, capacity and possibilities make this community. Our community is within a larger city that doesn't have a great sense of community .  There is a sense of pride within Aldershot; people don't say they live in Burlington they say they live in Aldershot!  A lot of people in this community care about each other, and above continually improving this community.  Quaint, friendly, a Village environment within an older community.  Respect for the community at large for a variety of vantage points.  Cooperation between entities, mutual respect.

People in a community who see a need and take action to remedy it.

2) We, as a group, "partner" with all difference agencies, people, groups to make things happen.  To maintain the goals met and to collaborate towards new goals.  Try to represent a large part of the needs in the community- not sure we do enough, though. Partnering Aldershot connects the dots, it is about sharing and working together for needs in this community. Our committee gives the community a chance to have a voice and to make a difference in our community.  Community Building is what we are doing. We are trying to do this on a local level. 


Great to hear from four distinct groups- but, also to see how they connect and can and are  learn/ing from each other and working to make the community stronger and more connected!

Thanks for sharing!