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Our First Partnership

Submitted by 1000 Conversations on January 7, 2014 - 11:34am
Exploring Community in Delburne, AB

Tamarack is charity organization that works across Canada doing research and promoting work that builds and strengthens communities. As many of you know, we have embarked on a three year project called, 1000 Conversations to Shape Our Future. This is a research project on a national scale: we are collecting conversations about community from people across Canada. We want to include the voices of seniors, faith communities, business leaders, government workers, educators, youth and children. Our hope, after three years of research is to know how Canadians are experiencing community: what is working? why is working? what do people want more of? what are some of the barriers to connecting with each other?


We have been piloting this campaign for over a year in 4 major geographic areas in Ontario. Over 130 conversations have been documented on this site (to read some of these conversations, click here!). We've moved into a new phase where we are partnering with local organizations. This involves: coming to their area, providing some faciliation training with their local leadership team, and providing the framework for 30-40 conversations to take place. This partnership will take place during a three month period and at the end, we will have a report of the patterns that have emerged in the conversations. Beyond the three month period, though, this community is connected to this national campaign and will be kept in the loop as we continue with other partnerships across Canada, involve highly respected thought leaders for their input, and as we begin to explore what programs and policies these findings might support and/or inspire.

Delburne, AB has been selected as one of the ten partnerships for this campaign. We are so grateful to have had such amazing support and energy from so many in the community, already. It's been above and beyond!

In addition to collecting conversations, we are excited to have an accompanying art project. John Beebe (, an exceptional photographer, will be taking portraits of all those taking part in the conversations, including children and students. The project is called “Belonging”- we hope to take pictures of people holding a photograph or an object that represents a sense of belonging for them. These images will be used to share back to Delburne and to share across the nation as this campaign gains momentum.


                                       Sample of Belonging photo. Photo cred John Beebe @2013

This process will conclude with a final gathering sharing the findings from the report, an installation of the Belonging photographs and a collective process to dream about what steps the community might take to deepen the sense of connection in their area; this gathering brings everyone together to say, "Knowing what we do now, where do we go from here?"

Derek and Rachel, from the Tamarack team will be travelling to Delburne, Jan.15th to Jan.22nd. They cannot wait!

We will keep you posted on this exciting process-- and if you live in the Delburne area, we'd love for you to join in!

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                                      Sample of Belonging photo. Photo cred John Beebe @2013