Little artists with BIG ideas

Submitted by 1000 Conversations on January 26, 2014 - 1:31pm
A community conversation with children (K-Grade 3) in Delburne

Bright and early on a Monday morning, 15 children gathered at the Delburne Village drop-in center to explore what community means for them and the visions/ideas they have for the future of this rural town...


This was a thoughtful group, indeed! They loved communicating their ideas through pictures, so we spent much time drawing and sharing stories with each other. Here are some of the ideas and questions we explored:

What do you think of when you hear the word community?

- people

- airplanes

- family

- cars

- friends

They were able to recognize community as both physical places (or needing to travel to a physical place) as well as different gatherings of people.

What sorts of things make you happy?

- playing with my dad

- my family

- my pets

- being on the farm

- riding my horse

These activities made them feel connected, safe and like they could laugh and have fun!

What do you love about where you live?

For this question, the children drew pictures of the things they love to do in Delburne (and surrounding areas):

- play hockey

- play at the splash park

- go on the highway

- going down a slide and thinking of an alien (kids say the darnest things, eh??)

- playing with my cat and dog

- spending time with my family

- playing with my dad on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath

- going on my hotwheels bicycle

- going to the Delburne hotel to eat a meal

- going go-karting

- lassoing a cow while riding my horse (generally, tasks on the farm)

- "I like to play with my family and my dog. Biking with with my brother. Picking flowers. Going for hikes with my family. Camping. And going to the Lesher Center."



Close your eyes and picture Delburne in 10 years. What sorts of things do you see that make you really happy and excited? Draw these images...

- a race car with a service shop

- the school will be a sky scraper

- more flowers

- another gas station

- a shelter for emergency- in case it rains and some people have nowhere to go

- a big hotel with a swimming pool

- a laundromat

- a toy store

- a mud pit to play in

- a BIG beach ball that everyone can play with

- lots of snowmen

- Dollarama

- a rock truck in the playground

And here they are holding up the their pictures filled with dreams for the future:

 This group of little people had wonderful ideas and lots of imagination! It was a lot fo fun hearing their thoughts!