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Boundaries and Communication: The Life Blood of Healthy and Happy Communities

Recently, a neighbourhood in Guelph called "the Junction" had a community conversation as part of Tamarack's 1000 Conversations Campaign. What follows is an excerpt from this conversation centered on the importance of boundaries and communicating them effectively to ensure healthy and happy community.

The Goose and Its New Family

Recently a neighbourhood in Guelph called the junction had a community conversation as part of Tamarack's 1000 Conversations Campaign. What follows is an exert from this conversation centered around a goose and what it taught the neighbourhod about family and community.

Sharing our Stories to Grow Together in Halton

Recently, after a year of having conversations about community across Halton Region, we had a big celebration where we invited those who had been involved in the process to gather together. The goal was to share and celebrate the ideas and the stories from all these conversations.

Learning from Our Childhood

This is a continuation from a previous blog post. It a reflection on a community conversation with the developmental asset table for youth in Halton made of with members from government, schools and not for profits in Halton.

Remembering our Childhood

Youth are our future. In Halton, Ontario a group of community organizations have come together to collaborate on helping build the conditions to create the best kids of tomorrow. Recently we had a great conversation where we reflected on our stories and experiences of community together.

Technology: Good for Maintenance and Mobilization

Technology came up again recently in conversations tied to camp. Camp is a place that builds deep and strong community by getting people to leave their technology at the door and just be together.

Camp has so much to teach us about how to build deep community

This summer we will be working with summer camps to explore this more deeply. Below are some insights from conversations held at Willowgrove this past week.

Barriers are Opportunities with Grey-Bruce

As we move into phase two of our 1000 Conversations campaign, we are excited to be working with 10 local partners across the country to champion this research while transforming their own communities. Recently I had the great privilege of spending some time with Grey-Bruce Public Health, our second partner.

Take 40 at the Grand River Unitarian Congregation

On Sunday, after Derek Alton from the Tamarack Institute shared insights from the 1000 Conversation Campaign, a group gathered to discuss the ideas he shared and to share our own ideas about community.

Look Inside the Design of a Community Celebration

Over the last year close to 30 conversations have been collected from different groups across Halton Region. Today a group of community leaders got together to plan an upcoming community celebration that will serve to wrap all the conversations.