About Seeking Community

Why Seek Community Online?


Taking part in a conversation online may be a relatively new experience. It’s just familiar enough to feel like there’s nothing to it, and just foreign enough to feel like the origin of a new kind of community of practice.


Members of this community, and the discussions that take place within it, help to create a new space – a space within which you can participate through words, images, resources, and networking. Or, you can be a spectator, and simply observe the space as it evolves.


We are all here for one reason: to seek community. As we endeavor on this journey within this space, and as the interactions become more complex, please collaborate with respect.


Engage, Learn, Find, and Connect


When we seek community, we are in a constant state of engaging, learning, finding and connecting. By engaging in ideas and with people, we create a relationship between ourselves and the thoughts of others that thrives on depth and understanding. It is through this engagement that we learn about ourselves, others, and the communities within which we live.


Seeking community will mean different things to many people. As we continue to engage and learn together, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. At the heart of community are the connections we make with those around us, that help to intensify the ways in which we engage, enrich our learning, and validate what we find.


We have designed this space to engage, learn, find, and connect with you, and we hope you will use this space to do the same with us and each other.


Fostering Community


Conversation is at the heart of a strong community. As community facilitators, we have created this space to start a conversation and journey about seeking community – through engaging articles, exploratory seminars and podcasts, thought-provoking research, and inspiration thought leaders.



But, this is only the beginning. We hope that you, too, will engage, learn, find, and connect with us and with others in this online space. By creating and building your profile in Connect, and contributing to the conversations you see throughout this online space, you are helping to foster this community. The success of this space will depend upon the energy, creativity, and approach we cultivate together, as we seek community.



If you have an idea for a new conversation, or a question about a conversation that has already begun, please share it with us.


You’re Always Welcome


In addition to the Seeking Community facilitators, you will see thought leaders who contribute and are referenced regularly throughout this online space. Their blogs, comments, profiles, and seminars are great places to engage and learn. Your ideas and contributions to this space are just as important, and help us to explore and consider their ideas from different perspectives.


If you are unsure about how to get started, please contact us at admin@seekingcommunity.ca with your questions or concerns. We look forward to seeking community with you.